Today I am going to illustrate on the topic “how to convert failure into success”
Hey, do you fail? Don’t you? yes you do. I fail. In fact, if you don’t fail it means you are playing way too safe. Everyone fails. Every person who had ever done anything worthwhile or exceptional or different or extra ordinary. Anyone whether it is a great artist, author, mathematician or whoever he is. Everyone encounter difficulties. There is no easy road. It doesn’t exist. It is impossible. Everyone has issues.
            Failure is evident. Everyone has failures. I am not telling the ways to stop failure, but I am just trying to show you how to convert that prolonged failure into success.
The reason why a lot of people don’t become who they want, because they are too attached to who they been. The thing is we must look at the bigger picture, we must believe in ourselves. We must have faith. And let me tell you faith is not that everything will be OK but the faith is if things don’t go they way you want, it’s still going to be OK.
Maintain the enthusiasm from failure to failure finally to success. but what are the ingredients that the high performance, potential, powerful, impact creating, legendary leaders of the worlds had. What game changing ideas they had.
You may not have resources, but you have resourcefulness. Hey! come on, people say they failed because they had no money. They had no power, they had no officers. They had no chances, parents were not with them. And thousands of other reasons. Whether you are a student or an employee. No problem!
            You don’t have resources, you have resourcefulness
            You don’t have resources, you can generate resources.
You don’t have talent, you have the ability to generate talent in yourself.
If you had resources, in fact that was much more disastrous to you because you would have become satisfied with them. If you don’t have resources and you boost up your resource generating ability, the world will follow you. But the problem is you had created a dead end. It happens in mathematics one problem has only one solution. Real life is different from math Sir.
Circle of difficulty and circle of possibility. They circle you focus on will be zoomed for you and will trap you inside it. They mind what it thinks it gets deep in that. you must shift your lives from circle of difficulty to circle of possibility. Difficulty has stress, issues, depression. while the circle of possibilities has hope, peace and satisfaction.

  What we have to do is bounce back against the failure and difficulties. And one day you will be the champ InshAllah.

Muhammad Hammad Shah

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