I believe, Money is everything. Money can buy happiness, money can buy relatives, it can buy sincere friends it can buy joys and sympathies. If you have money you have each and every materialistic thing in your hand but if you don’t have that then you are nothing in this world. To live and to survive. Well another point of view that is also called religious point of view is that money can’t buy good deeds, good actions. Or what we say “sawab” in our common terminologies. That sawab I want to clarify here is names, zakat, hajj etc. all that we know very well. If you don’t have money. You will only have namaz or salah in common words. And if you have money you will have salah along with many many prayers of those people who you helped financially. So, this is the point. If you have money you can help poor, give charity, build mosques, grow trees and many more good deeds. By building a mosque you will have a number of prayers. Grow trees, you will get reward from almighty Allah for each and every person who sits under that tree. Make a water tap Allah will reward you for that. you will have blessings in this life as well as in hereafter.

Now you may have understood how money can lead you to blessed and happy cherished religious life with a huge reward in the hereafter from almighty Allah.
Next point is to make money as being a Muslim or any other religion follower because no religion promotes injustice and unfair means of earning.

Make money by fair means. This will be tough in start but do it with hard zeal and stability. Do it with solid steps. Many people say we don’t have much money to meet our expenses. We don’t have any saving. Some people have good job, but no money., did you ever think about that why?? Why they have no savings?

This is so because a good post officers also have a healthy good budget. Not only he has to job but also run with the society. And this makes him at the end same as the one having least post with less salary. If you have good salary package you will have more expenses. That’s why I say it’s impossible to save from salaries whether it is 2million or 15 thousand. At the end of month both of them will have nothing.


What business? You must have this question burst up in your mind? But wait a minute I will prove my words. i.e. “Do Business”. I will answer all your WHYs?
First of all, I will tell the benefits of business. Business is beneficial in the sense that it helps your senses to be in your place. You are in freedom; mental freedom. For the first time, you are completely able to make your decisions working. While in job you have to do what others or the boss says you. Whether it is beneficial or not you have to do that.
In business, you can cope with any emergency situations. Because you have money available in your pocket. You use that money in accidental situations and then work harder to recover that loss.

You can’t enjoy your life in salary only what you can is GUZARA. Whether you earn a million or some thousands. 


You can start any business, selling animals, trading land, even selling cigarettes is also a business. The person selling glasses on stalls at roadside is also doing a business and the manufacturer of that is also a businessman. Difference is in the level, scope and investment of the business.

When starting a business, it’s not investment sums it’s about the demands. Business is all about the demands. After that the skills and expertise. The newly starting business must have a demand in area or the demanding business is to be started. After that you must be skillful in the business type. If not, you can concern to the experts.

They say “A lion always takes two steps back to jump longer”. In start, you may face crisis but after some sufferings and hardships you will learn. An intelligent person is the one who learns from failure. Face a failure, bounce again, again failure, again come back with more power. And one-day target will be in your hands.

All this emphasis on business was to make your mind to make earning. To make money.
A person said “Money can’t buy happiness” but I say the same can buy so many ways to cope with sadness. I haven’t seen anyone sad sitting in private jet.

I already clarified it by Islamic point of view. But the fact is fact it’s never going to change. Thou it may be forgot or vanished temporarily but it’s evident sometime later.


A business can only flourish if you have a determination to earn money and if you have a value of money. You know the value of money and you start discussing the money. When you understand the language of money only then you will become a good businessman. Set your targets not to millions but to trillions so that you may get millions . If you want to reach the bulb you have to target the roof, if you made bulb, the target. It’s almost impossible to reach there. Want to secure 1000 marks?  Make a target of 1050. Then your chances to attain that target will increase to 75% that was only 5% before this.

Make targeted period wise earning schemes. Don’t think that business studies are necessary for good business or you can’t do without business studies. Let me tell you world’s top leading business men that include Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many more had not even studied basics when they started their business.


Your studies, educations and degrees are no way related to your money. I have seen so many people having leading degrees but no money. Malik Riaz the outclass example of motivation for Pakistanis failed his matric level in first attempt. Mr. Mark was struck out of the school and many more stories are also there. We think that the one who studies deserves money but the bitter truth is that the one who works hard with self-motivation, determination and prolonged effort has money. He may not be wearing a good neat three-piece suit but he will be earning much more than a person working in office, wearing a neat three-piece suit.


To earn you have to take risks. You have to give huge sums. You have to trust this untrusted world sometimes. This is. Without risk, there is nothing. Every action has risks. When you were born there were the risks of your dead birth. When you first drove a bike, there were the risks of falling down. But you took that risks and because of having the ability to face these risks, you are here now. And you will be very much further. All this requires a courage to face the hardships. The ability to take chances, risks and dangers.

Earning money is easy but to develop the abilities to earn is difficult. Once you get these abilities you will be the world class businessman.


I always wanted to be a doctor. I tried. I worked hard but I failed. I must say fortunately I failed. Because that gave me a new direction of thinking. I thought Agha Khan hospital is the famous hospital but the owner of hospital is not a doctor itself. The owner of Shaukat Khanum Memorial hospital is not a doctor himself but he is doing so. How? Definitely with money. If you had a MBBS degree you will be a doctor or maybe the owner of a small clinic working in shifts, but if you have money you can hire doctors. All what you have to do is to make money.

Make money whole world will be yours. Simple is this!

Muhammad Hammad Shah

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