Revolution: WH ?

Revolution. It’s actually the change of mind, change of habits; patterns. In short you can say revolution is the change of ideologies.  The basic source of revolution is the change of mindset, ideology and customs. This shift of mindset results in mass astonishing revolution movements and if the ideas are fed with hard work and motivation this result is mass movement and huge success.
This success is not the success of any specific person but it’s the victory of a thought, or simply the ideology. Human being work and serves this ideology.

There appeared many revolutions in history. For revolution, you need a clear mindset for a specific cause. You must be so much stuck that you can bear anything for that. After that it will result in revolution otherwise its time of waste. That’s why successful revolutions resulted from a strong long-term mind polishing by the founders of the specific ideology.

Muhammad SAW, and all the other prophets and saints; they called for a revolution. A revolution for a positive cause; a constructive demand. Revolution is not a new thing. It is from centuries and much related to Muslim history. 

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