The story of two girls.

The story of two girls.

One of them was from Dera Ghazi Khan. She was very famous for her naked selifie videos and scandals. She showed herself everywhere. After that she was killed by her own brother Many prestigious personalities were arrested in her case. Whole media stood to defend her. Even today renowned newspapers have articles on her.  

The Other girl was from Dera Ismail khan. She was a labor. She was an innocent lady working to get two times food. Someone killed her. Naked her body and dragged her in the streets of village. Definitely, it was more than just a murder.

But media just showed a single strip of her news.


The one who showed herself naked; all the sympathies are with her.

And the one who was naked by force; no action for her.

Maybe we are dead, dead from inside. Completely destructed.

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