WE AND OUR FACTS; hacker as example

 I saw a post of one of my best friends on Facebook. It was mentioned in the post that he had hacked the accounts of some people. After that he called me and told me what he did.
I deduced only one thing from all this. The object of my writing is only the person who wants himself to be called hacker. Or a soldier, or an expert. Meaning to say all those who want fame. fake or very weak fame but they want all this. And only this. As soon as possible.

Hackers are somehow like cyber or internet thieves. It’s a crime. Although it’s a crime but when you fall in extreme demand of something you don’t take into account whether it is crime or anything else. Same is the case I am going to describe here.

We need fame. A hacker just wants that everyone should be afraid of him. Everyone should speak about him that he is the hacker, he is the one who hacked this and that. but we don’t want reality, facts and events to speak. We just make others to speak what we want to listen not what the reality is. The bravest person of this world is the one who can face the reality. Who have enough courage to listen the facts? Every one of us want to be praised, but no one do efforts for this. No one works for this.
We just make situation in which others have to by force praise us because they have no other way out. We teach others that we are this. As we tell others that we a sincere. But the real success is when others say without your influence what you are. When you were born and God decided to born you alive that was just because to make you face everything. That was because God trusted you that you had a courage to face all this. And those who don’t has so. God don’t face them to such situations.
Its human nature that he need praises but praises should be based on something. One should not be a voice of an empty drum.

That’s what I believe! 

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