Dolphin Force - Budget Waste !

I don't know from where our government get these cringe ideas for the wastage of public money. One of those projects is dolphin Force. No one can imagine that security or just a patrolling can be so much expensive. Our CM Shahbaz Shareef went to Turkey and got motivated by the force in action there. But ! there is a polite question. Do we have the same status? Are we equal to them economically? or ethically? or politically? or in any aspect?

       Do you know, the bike that they have worth 15 lacs? Do you know they helmet they are wearing is of 35000? Do you know the suite that they have costs 50,000?

      No ! You don't know. because if you knew that in this budget we can make many much more instead of just two bikes wandering here and there. have you ever witnessed any case where dolphin force involved and resolved the matter? What should I say then? Definitely, this is media biasing !!! after all either we don't do anything and if we do the media don't shows that.

     The bikes that they have comes with 500CC. And bike runs 24 hours. One can easily imagine the fuel and maintenance expenses.

     While answering the question of reporter, the CM representative said we don't have enough budget for the maintenance of already allotted 125CC bikes to the QRF i.e. Quick Response Force and Muhafiz forces. I don't know how they got the money for these expenses. At one aspect they say they lack budgets and on the other they have plans to invest around 18 lacs per head for street crimes.

     And last "the Criminals looted the Dolphin force in Faisalabad". This was the headline some days before. The same with 36 lacs invested by the government on the troop.

and at the same time they were reporting," Pakistan ki Sunny leone kon?". Trash media.

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