Naqeeb Ullah - heated controversy.


      The issue is not the death of Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud, the issue is this that our nation has lost their senses. They have biased attitude for health, wealth and attraction. Remember, Some days before the Chai Wala  became so famous, Why? Just because his eyes looked attractive. At the same time there were ballet guns firing shots on innocent Kashmiri people and making them blind for life. The nation was busy in Chai Wala's eye and our  Kashmiri brothers lost their eyes.

      Similarly, the case of Naqeeb Ullah, when we heard about the death, without knowing the reasons, without waiting the inquiry. WE our selves , decided that he was innocent, Just because he had  a message saying that he will make his son captain in army doesn't mean that he got the license of innocence. Just because he looked beautiful doesn't mean that he is obligatory innocent. Similarly on the other hand, just because of his tribe Mehsud, one can't judge him as a terrorist. Every one has reasons behind every action. Let authorities map out the reasons.
     Pakistanis please hold sense. and stop useless blaming , without the facts. Social media is not the reality. Its a copy paste trend.

      Same happened in Zainab case, we are deciding our self the victims. This happens in Pakistan only.


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