I quit !!

Hey You know what!

This is going to make a lot of people sad, and probably most of them happy as well. 


Well, Okay call me a quitter; I don’t care. I can’t just do this anymore. Now I have changed. And you are no one to blame. Sorry but I am not just the same person you knew before. 

So, not be rude at all. But I am done trying to live up to your expectations. Up and down to them.


I QUIT being bound to be following everyone’s opinion of what’s right for me.
I QUIT holding myself back living emotionally trapped and not being who I’d like to be.
I QUIT being loyal to these negative thoughts. That have never been useful.
I QUIT repeating the guilt of my past to deprive me off a beautiful future.
I QUIT letting people get to me; who had proven already that they don’t really care about me.
I QUIT hanging out with friends regarding whom I can’t tell you that they are friends or enemies draining my energy. 

I QUIT letting my society expectations and timetables to pressure me, direct my destiny and stress me.
I QUIT forgiving everyone else in the whole world except me.
I QUIT wanting the cool kids to accept me.
I QUIT of not saying what’s in my mind on important times while fear comes and suppress me.
I QUIT being so much emotionally tied to the likes and shares of the people I barely know online.
I QUIT self-doubt and self-sabotage. 

I QUIT sleepily walking through life instead of living my dream. I QUIT waiting for situations to get better instead of making it better myself.
I QUIT giving that 100% of mine to these useless things.
I QUIT dimming my light, so that others won’t have to.
I QUIT peer pressure and people pleasing.
I QUIT the prison of perfection. the fear of failure and that of success.
I QUIT hesitation, desperation, expectations, devastations.

I QUIT God damnit. I QUIT

And No! I don’t have a four week notice or any so-called genuine reason as per your traditions. so please accept this as my letter of resignation, I know it seems sudden but trust me it has been a long time coming. But now my time is here.

BUT don’t worry, I am grateful for the experience, and I have an amazing new life lined up.


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