Pakistan's First Ever Social Media Conference !

 Since a long time, Social media has been used as a source of mass momentum in the people. But not in Pakistan. Pakistan is the country where it has been observed that maximum number of people who use social media use it as a source of entertainment. Wasting time and creating confusions in minds.

The team Read Pakistan is one of the new born non-profit organizations that has took the responsibility to mobilize the social media users in Pakistan. The team lead by Mr Farrukh Dall, has the vision to make people aware and knowledgeable regarding the power of that tool. The tool that people use to waste their time. Yes! it is possible and Yes! they have the strategies to do so.

Read Pakistan has a complete segment named as CybeRead. The members of this segment are using the social media to promote Book Reading. As it is universal that Input leads to output. As simple is that: garbage in, garbage out. Good Input, good output. Not only in the promotion of book reading and book love, the organization aims to defend Pakistan and Pakistani nationalism in different ways on numerous social media platforms.

As a part of this struggle the organization is just going to organize first ever Social Media Conference in Pakistan. The reason of which is only to bring some awareness and information, aiding them with some facts and figures, motivating and inspiring them with social media pioneers, guiding them under national political and departmental representatives and last but not the least, making people realize it as a defensive service for Islam as well as the gifted state i.e. Pakistan. With the selfless efforts to please that supreme authority Almighty Allah.

The conference is going to be held at Iqbal auditorium Faisal Mosque Islamabad. Dated 6th October 2018 from 2pm to 5pm InshAllah. 
There are numerous famous personalities coming over there. These include:

Qasim Khan Suri – Deputy Speaker National Assembly

Zartaj Gul – Member National Assembly.

Allama AsgharArif Chishti - Chairman Pakistan Sunni Ulama Forum.

Hammad Safi – Little Professor

The contact numbers for the registrations given below:

+923317957002 , +923445814804

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