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Do you ever imagine about that sad imagery of any bomb blast of terrorist attack? Either it’s the APS attack or the Peshawar Church or any other. One very common thing in all this was that they all believed themselves on the right path.

I went through some of the interviews of terrorist who are no doubt non-Muslims and khwariji. I listened to like dozens of them and one thing that I found really common in them was that they all believed they are working this being on a right path. This one thing clicked my mind up. What makes them to not tolerate their ideologies and blame themselves. They are not even a single penny ready to be blamed for what they do. If this the case with those serial killers, and cruel terrorists then what about the people living around us interacting daily on regular basis in our daily day activities. Yes, all this made me come to this conclusion of human psyche that No one wants to be blamed. In Humans, they hate being blamed and criticized.

And this brings us to the very first step to get people closer to you. Stop criticizing and blaming. If someone is wrong, no doubt he is wrong. You don’t need to point him out again and again that he is wrong. This is what the great leaders do. Lincoln, Quaid everyone. You will not find any single word from them of blame and criticize. They all spoke the language of sugar coating and harmony.
Life is an art and you are actually that painter who has the power in his brush to draw the life as per what you want, scientifically life just goes around the laws of momentum and newton’s third law, we can say. When you do good with someone you are definitely going to have good. And if you don’t get that there applies the law of conservations.

Stop blaming others which eventually ends up with others throwing the blames on you. Everyone senses that core sympathetic act and value that a person tries to give to someone else and as the result the other person also tries to give the same value back mostly in greater threshold than it was received. So, this is the very simple philosophy of life.

Everyone hates blaming and we have to do what they love not hate.

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