I live in a town where my house is surrounded by 3 mosques. Within the vicinity of hardly 500 meters. My neighbors they go to the farther one and a neighbor from that mosque is always rushing to this one near. What you must be expecting that if there are so much mosques the people must be very religious. But NO. They are religious to the extent where they have to judge others on the basis of their religious sect. adhans, Prayers, celebrations, beard and so many others.

What our this nowadays teachings are telling us is completely insufficient for us to perform on the path of Allah but wholly sufficient to make judgments about every individual Muslim other than us. Our society has a problem. We become a lawyer for our deeds and judge for others. This very single thing is the root cause of all the problems out there.

Let’s discuss a very basic illusion that our people had created in our religion. We all the time hear that teacher is the spiritual father. We also have this hearing that “whoever taught you a single word, he is your teacher”. And so many other as well. That are for sure right. We studied and studied and studied all the time about the teacher’s right. Leader’s praise, Parent’s respect. But here is a point.

Don’t we believe that Islam is not merely a religion to believe. It is a complete guidance for life. It is a ruling body or you can say a constitution in simple words, for how to live our lives. So, in constitution there are rules, sanctions, roles, identities. Similarly, Islam also has those identities. For example, Islam identifies a person as your Imam if he has those qualities that Islam describes about him. Similar is the case here. With each IDENTITY there are some ROLES associated. The identity is nothing without that role. If a person is famous for being called as a teacher but he can’t teach, then a rational person cannot believe him or accept him as a teacher. So, the role and the identity. They are the constituent basic brick of the Islamic sociological pattern. As well as the religious monarchy.

We always create this illusion among these roles and identities. We want to just survive on these identities. And we categorize, impose, and treat that person on the basis of identity not role. A very attention seeking case is of teachers. 

Yes, if he is a teacher: it is his identity. If he teaches: it is his role. A teacher without teaching is not a teacher at all. Similarly, a teacher without all those rules, limitations and boundaries that Islam had imposed upon him. If he skips them. He is left only identically a teacher but not a complete teacher as I early said. Any individual is the sum of that identity plus role. This is the Turn. This is the point where you have to decide that a person is definitely not a teacher if he is not performing all those roles completely or if he is doing something, that is prohibited for his identity to do. Let me explain this again. A teacher’s identity is not allowed to perform that role of a business. That will impact his identity in a negative way. Similarly, a teacher cannot make personal relations or friendship with students. Because this is what Islam prohibits and this can make him fall out of the individuality of being teacher.

Here is the point where illusions are created. A teacher is doing every role that has been prohibited by Islam according to his identity but in return demands all the rights and services that Islam gives to the teacher. This is the illusion: demanding the rights for an identity with which you are not completely committed to. So, if a teacher is not committed to all the roles that are to be expected by the teachers. He cannot be considered as an individual teacher. So, if a person cannot be called as that individual teacher: All the rights, duties, social luxuries and morals that are for the teachers. They are also not to be given to such a person. This is my simple single philosophy.

This point may come in your mind that why describing this with the example of teacher. Why not someone else. So, congratulations: You are also engulfed into that illusion. Why can’t someone speak to analyze an identity when that identity is found someday or another in rape charges. Don’t you heard about those innocent students who were forced to do those acts. Don’t you know about these identities caught red handed while selling the papers. Don’t you see this. Not everyone is like this but there are people. And this writing is also for those cases only. If you think of it as wrong. Surely this shot you on your identity that is mismatching to your role. Islam gives me the space to question and analyze all this.

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