Dear Americans ! Please Its enough

When ever I search on this 9/11 attacks topic in whatever the search engine and the search bar , It is loaded with number of stories, eyewitnesses and sorrows. Some loosing their loved ones, Some managing to escape from the 115th floor , walking for an hour down the stairs. Some chopped, jumped, thrown and some waiting to see their death as it comes to them.

Obviously, I am not one of those in any respect. But when I see those clips, those reporting, those hostages and those stories. It brings goosebumps to me. It makes me sad as I am supposed to be. It makes me cry sometimes about the miseries and the pain those people suffered.

You can't expect this from a Pakistani resident right? Well to all my US readers: I am a Pakistani and I want to clarify to you that it hurt. It hurt deep into my heart.

My point is not this. The internet is full of sorrowful, inspirational stories of people suffering all this. The internet is full of the activists, peace nominators and ambassadors. I am here to clear my point of view. As being a Pakistani & being a state dominated with Islamic residents. I take this representative voice to clarify my majority adopted point of view that, "It hurts" , "We are hurt" .

The current situation in Pakistan and the whole international image of Pakistan that has been spoiled so badly by the international & native media and by the representatives as well; most of the times. You can't judge a place without visiting? right. You believe yourself as the pioneer realists, materialists and common sense oriented scientific nation. How come you believe this whole bad of the state without even opening a single google site with .pk extension. Without even visiting the place.
Eva Zu Beck's playlist on Pakistan

Let me show you some people of yours, who visited and who are visiting day by day to Pakistan.

Eva Zu Beck :
A polish travel Vlogger and blogger. who
visited Pakistan and was taken readily by the Pakistanis.
Her experiences in Pakistan can't be seen by her

Rosie Gabrielle, A solo female motorcycle adventure traveler, photographer and video creator. See what she has to say about PAKISTAN here.

Mark Viens and so many more. Have you ever heard from them a single video? Have you ever seen their videos? Do you know how much love the Pakistanis gave to them and how much we see off them with their true smiles and honest

 cheers? NO . You don't . I am sorry but you only know only one thing: 9/11. That has been so much put into your heads by the society that Pakistan and Islam has to do with this.

In this case you are the questioners and you are the answers yourself !

source: Minhaj Youth League 
Have anyone of you ever consulted to some Islamic scholars about the Peace, Terrorism and innocent killings of the people ? Have you ever read this 520 pages of the big FATWA against terrorism?  Do you know we don't believe Suicide bombers to be even a single part of Islamic community? NO !! you don't
Isn't it the greatest ironies that the nation who always proves themselves to be most logical, and questioning is acting so carelessly in this matter.

We don't know what the masses over there think about us. But we know the voices that reach to us. The hateful, intolerant, abusive and blaming voice. And this is the reply to those hateful voices. And for all of the others except these. We love you like the way we love everyone else.

The reason behind this hate to us is the death of all those innocents. Obvisously it was a bad incident, Very bad. How many innocent people died ? 3000 yes . And do you know how much people died in terrorist activities in Pakistan? Don't you . Google it . You think we don't feel the pain ? You think we don't witness our Kashmiri brother being tore into pieces and the sister being raped every single day? You think we enjoy the miseries ? You may not think this but the society, the media and the politics have made you think this way that Pakistanis are not humans they are the wolves that eat everything brutally.

No man! we are not . We are just a normal peace loving human beings only infected with so many outside germs that destroy the true peace loving & cultural image of us. We are sorry we were not able to stop them But you had the sense, You had the researches, You believed in reality . Why did you believe in that then ?

This is the big question mark on everyone reading this. Can you judge someone or someplace while sitting 12500 Kms of distance and with no realistic research ?

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