Among Marvis and Khaleels, Somehow we are lost !

Marvi Sarmad and Khaleel Ur Rehman's "disgusting", I would say it "disgusting" and "stupid" conversation has been on Television and all the media networks since days. All this starts with a small, Talk Show  where both of these extremist champs came across one another and exchanged some "not so" good remarks with one another. There is no other decision that Khaleel's vulgar language for a woman and Marvi's harsh and disrespectful behaviour, both were on the same page.

It's true that every year, 8 March is celebrated as the day for women and It's also true that Pakistani women are facing these gender-associated issues all over Pakistan. But what are those?

  • They have been raped. 
  • They are not given their share in properties. 
  • They are not given job, education, medical, judiciary and political rights. 
  • Women are molested badly at the workspaces.

There are a lot more cases and things apart from this.

But the recent hype of Aurat March and that Anti-Aurat Khaleel's mentality, both seems a fight of egos, greed and selfishness. Khaleel Sahab being a greedy, selfish and rudely egoistic, is now considering himself as the "father of Men Rights" and "Father of Muslim Mentality". Where opposite to that, Marvi Sarmad is now daydreaming like she is the only living being left on earth; to guard the women rights.

Somewhere in the fight of these "stupid" poles, we have lost Islamic values as well as the true demand and requirement of Women day. And Pakistani People, as usual, are either this way or that way, which always ends into a "no way".

And for my remarks and harsh words, Can I say "Mera Blog Meri Marzi?"

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