Infect yourself with Corona: Get paid with 4500 $ (7 lacs)

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Corona virus is spreading tremendously and with this pace, the research teams are  also geared up to make its vaccine. By now, the Novel Corona Virus has infected more than 100,000 people, all  over the world.
With it's count increasing day by day, the severity of the virus is also increasing and thus an increase in the requirement of the specimens of research is also there. But unfortunately, in this case, the specimen are humans.

A famous research laboratory Hvivo has announced that, they need more people, who will be willingly infecting themselves to the Corona Virus; for undergoing the medical researches. 

And for this, they are offering 4500$ .... It makes 7 lacs in Pkr.

I think Hvivo must go to Taliban. They can have more suicide bombers, converted into this noble cause. As Muslims are already doing nothing except sharing the treatments of Corona Virus on Facebook, it would be a good use of this.

In case you are interested in grabbing that 4500$ cheque, Here is the link

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