Putting Onion in your Socks !

Put Onions in your Socks Before Bed and Watch What Happens in the ...

It's silly but it's real!

There are over 7000 nerves at the base of your foot, which somehow are related to the whole body of yours. Moreover, the skin at the base of your foot is the thinnest of all as it is adapted to absorb the useful bacteria and other microorganisms.

Onion has been an important healing substance used in Chinese tradition. According to experts, onion has the ability to absorb all the harmful bacteria from your body and the best place to place it is at the base of your feet. As it has exposure to the maximum number of nerves.

It is important to use natural organic onion (non-chemicalised) as it will reverse the effective used the chemicalised one. One can put an onion sack in his sock at night and then remove it off in the morning. It also helps get to get rid off the bad foot smell.

So Yay... Try this.

Image Source:  https://thehealthavengers.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/42-690x361.jpg

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